My introduction to climbing is probably a little different to most. Up until the age of 26 I had only really experienced climbing at birthday parties or school trips. I had been into sport from a young age having tried trampoline gymnastics from the age of 5 one summer with my brother and friends and the next thing I knew it took over my life until the age of about 18. I was fortunate enough to trampoline many times nationally and represented Great Britain at the age of 9 in the World Age Group Games in Canada.

When I then went to secondary school I got completely sucked into rugby. The social aspect of a team sport compared to trampolining took over. I continued playing rugby throughout my Sport Rehabilitation degree becoming fascinated in functional rehabilitation following injury. I started to develop experience and an understanding in training for rugby in the gym. Fast forward 5 years, I got married to my better half, moved house and accepted at The University of East Anglia to study physiotherapy all within approximately 4 months (I don’t recommend doing all that so quickly) after having worked mainly for the NHS as a physiotherapy assistant for 4 years.

I was going to the gym about 4 times a week to keep me fit and sane during my physio studies when I was invited by my university mates, the now infamous Highball Honeys to try climbing because “I am a big kid”. I soon had completely replaced the gym with climbing. I had found the perfect sport for me; a way to work together with others in attempting a problem on the wall, giving each other beta and getting both equally frustrated and ecstatic when you finally climb something you never could. That combined with having the best flat whites in Norwich and ridiculously tasty cakes; you have to try them at beta café!!! I had found my second home. Then followed a slow but steady progress to bouldering up to around 6c level indoors. I can honestly say I have met some amazing people thanks to climbing all having developed me as a climber and I feel it is time to repay their tips and tricks with some of my own.

Being a bit of a physio nerd and having instilled in me from a young age the need to train effectively I have researched the sport and art of climbing ever since. I have always been the type of person to give something a bit dangerous and often stupid a go (which is why I love climbing) but due to my slightly mature age, various high falls off a trampoline and knocks I have picked up through rugby I have wanted to understand climbing in depth to best prepare myself for climbing and avoid injuries as best as possible. Here began many a conversation over coffee with Lewie that usually centred around and often combined climbing and physiotherapy. Some people call it fate, some luck, but being in the right place at the right time often gets you far in life. I have been lucky enough to meet someone as obsessed in sport performance and physiotherapy as I am that has allowed us to follow our passion and call it work.

With Lewie’s experience in climbing and links with Highball it seemed common sense to combine our work and passion to start our business venture in climbing physiotherapy. Our vision is to provide up to date research on climbing specific physiotherapy topics; helping improve your knowledge and ability to climb, stay injury free and return you and your body following injury more able to cope with the demands of climbing. If you are unlucky enough to get an injury, we will work with you on and off the wall to rehabilitate you functionally and effectively.

Please feel free to come and visit us, pop in for a chat or contact us through email or social media. Climbing Physio is here for you.